• Painting of a Reel at IBA, Karachi Biennale, Karachi
  • Zenaini Gallery, Karachi
  • Pakistan Embassy, Lebanon
  • Pakistan Embassy, London
  • SaffronArt Gallery, New York. Book Launch and Painting Exhibition
  • Canvas Gallery, Karachi
  • Khaas Gallery, Islamabad
  • PNCA, National Art Gallery, Islamabad, Book Launch
  • Park Gallery, Connaught Street, London
  • Asia House, London. Book Launch
  • Indus Gallery, Karachi
  • Connaught Gallery, London
  • Pakistan Embassy, Beirut
  • Royal Academy, Sandhurst, England. One of the paintings was presented to HRH the Prince of Wales
  • Painting auctioned for charity at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  • Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore
  • Gallery at 678, New York
  • Indus Gallery, Karachi
  • JI Gallery, Karachi
  • Art Expo, New York, in April, 2019
  • QCC Art Gallery in Queens, America, organised by The National Museum of China
  • QCC Art Gallery - The City University of New York
  • Paa Ya Paa Art Gallery, Nairobi
  • The Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur
  • Courtyard Gallery, Dubai
  • Alliance Francaise. Singapore
  • Canvas Gallery, Karachi
  • Tanzara Gallery, Islamabad
  • Pakistan Embassy, Washington
  • Paa-ya-paa Art Gallery, Nairobi
  • M.E.C. Art Gallery, Delhi
  • Sadequain Gallery, Karachi
  • Indus Gallery, Karachi
  • Majmua Gallery, Karachi
  • JI Gallery, Karachi
  • EPB Trade Fair, Kenya
  • Ejaz Gallery, Lahore
  • Unicorn Gallery, Karachi
  • Gulmohar Gallery, Karachi
  • Grandeur gallery, Karachi
  • Royaat Gallery, Lahore
  • The Drawing Room, Lahore
  • Crow Eaters Gallery, Lahore


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